Augmenting Navigation for Collaborative Tagging with Emergent Semantics

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Melanie Aurnhammer, Peter Hanappe, Luc Steels
Proc. of ISWC2006 International Semantic Web Conference (2006)
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A Yule-Simon process with memory

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Ciro Cattuto, Vittorio Loreto and Vito D.P. Servedio
Europhysics Letters 76, 208-214 (2006)
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Second Workshop on Semiotic Dynamics: Grammar

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II Bagnovignoni meeting
Semiotic Dynamics: Grammar
Bagnovignoni, October 23-26th October, 2006

torre di babele

The Hotel Posta Marcucci ( in Bagnovignoni
will host the second workshop on Semiotic Dynamics, focused this year
on Grammar. Here is the list of participants:

  • Andrea Baldassarri
  • Andrea Baronchelli
  • Ciro Cattuto
  • Joachim de Beule
  • Bart De Vylder
  • Vittorio Loreto
  • James Minett
  • Andrea Pagnani
  • Alberto Petri
  • Andrea Puglisi
  • Vito D.P. Servedio
  • Luc Steels
  • Remi Van Trijp
  • Pieter Wellens

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