Discover social tagging websites | Learn how to use them

Social tagging websites

Social online tagging is one of the core activities of the so-called Web2.0. Therefore, there are dozens of social tagging websites, and it is virtually impossible to draw a complete list of them. The collection you find here gathers some of the most popular such communities; however, if you find that someone is missing, do not hesitate to go to the contact page and send us a mail to inform and help us to keep this list as up-to-date as possible. is the world-wide reference site for social bookmarking. Millions of users use it daily to store, share and tag their favorite webpages. allows users to upload and tag your photos, browse others’ ones and join groups of users with similar interests. It contains a large amount of Creative Commons licensed resources. Users of listen to music online for free. They can also tag tracks, albums and artists, contributing in organizing and maintaining an evergrowing amount of information related to the world of music. is a collaborative website for collecting, sharing and organizing scientific citations and bookmarks. It provides several navigation tools developed by the TAGora consortium in order to ameliorate the readability of the stored knowledge by ranking and computing similarities between users, tags and resources. like Bibsonomy, allows users to save references to academic literature. It allows users to rate the quality of references they post. It is an open-source no-profit project. Another social tagging systems for scholars, much like Bibsonomy and CiteUlike. It is hosted by the Nature Publishing Group. is a social bookmarking website where, besides the usual tagging functions, users can highlight and add sticky notes to the webpages they post. improves the navigation of others’ bookmarks by letting the users rate them, not just tag them. Users can also comment on other postings. is a student run, open-source project for social bookmarking based at the University of Minnesota, with all standard functions of social tagging websites.

Discover social tagging websites | Learn how to use them

Video tutorials about social tagging websites
This 3’25” video explains how and why using the most well-known all-purpouse social bookmarking website. By Lee and Sachi LeFever’s Common Craft Show.

Learn in 10 minutes how to use, a collaborative website where you can store, tag and browse your and other’s photos.

A 4′ video tutorial about a recently introduced social bookmarking site, Diigo, maybe the most powerful one developed so far.

Bibsonomy is a social bookmarking site developed within TAGora where you can store, tag and browse research articles. Make a visit tour by clicking on the image below.
Connotea is a social bookmarking site where you can store, tag and browse research articles much like Bibsonomy. A number of video tutorial can be watched here.

Discover social tagging websites | Learn how to use them

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