Kreyon City – Build the ideal city with the LEGO bricks

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Date(s) - 08/09/2017 - 09/09/2017
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Palazzo delle Esposizioni

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Leonardo Da Vinci wanted to design a city that would be more united, with greater communications, services and sanitation to prevent the future spread of diseases. His ideal city integrated a series of connected canals, which would be used for commercial purposes and as a sewage system. The city would feature lower and upper areas, the lower being canals for tradesmen and travellers and the upper being roads for ”gentleman”. The roads were designed to be very broad, most likely in response to Milan’s narrow streets where people were jammed together, probably contributing to the spread of the plague. However, it must have been difficult, even for Leonardo, to build an ideal city project alone. During the Kreyon City event, people had been challenged to take part to the construction of an ideal city, made out of LEGO bricks. Participants bootstrapped a whole city made of houses, industries, schools, services and infrastructures, without an underlying blueprint. Everyone had the opportunity to shape his/her own ideas, by creating new parts of the city or restructuring and improving elements built by others. The emerging city had been monitored through cameras that, like observation satellites, allowed to visualise in realtime important features of the city, like the number of inhabitants, the wealth and extension of the city, the general satisfaction of the population about the availability of work and services, the current trend of trade and ambient. Partecipants could polish their project real-time, looking at data and improving the weakest points as they showed up. Kreyon City was a unique immersive experience whose challenge was that of conceiving collectively sustainable solutions for the city. No-one is able to conceive a whole city alone. On the contrary the contribution of each and every one can be highly important.

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