Sony CSL Open House 2018

On October 23rd (Tue) and 24th (Wed) 2018, SocialDynamicsLab and Sony CSL Paris attended the Sony CSL Open House in Tokyo presenting games, software and installations currently under development like Creastoria, Rubedo, Citychrone++ and Kreyon City.

“This year the Sony CSL Open House will be held on October 23rd (Tue) and 24th (Wed).
Sony CSL was established 30 years ago with the intention of contributing to the development of society and industry by carrying out fundamental research with potential real-world applications (Sony CSL Paris marks its 22nd anniversary this year).
We hope that the Open House will serve as a venue for our researchers to share their latest activities, and to earn valuable insights from yourselves, and to discuss on how we can cooperate in making positive contributions and implementations to the actual world we live in.” (Tokyo Sony CSL)

Sony CSL Open House 2018 website

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