EveryAware at CeBIT 2014

EveryAware will present its research results at the CeBIT Hannover, the world’s biggest IT fair, from 10-14 March, 2014. You will find us at the Joint venture area of the research booth of the Federal State of the Lower Saxony in Hall 9 C 28.

At this year’s CeBIT, the L3S demonstrates the EU-coordinated-project EveryAware organized by the team of our members Prof. Gerd Stumme (University Kassel) and Prof. Andreas Hotho (Universität Würzburg) which provides the newest insights from the area of event-based sensing.

The EveryAware project helps citizens to collect, share and understand their environment focusing mainly on noise and air pollution data. The developed platform allows for organizing games as well as collecting and estimating environmental information. This new way of accessing environmental information can trigger changes in the citizens’ behavior due to an extended awareness of their environmental situation. In addition, the collected data will help researchers to understand the connection between objective ecological data and the citizens’ perception of their environment. In this way researchers will get insights into the underlying processes. To enable air measurements by any citizen and to allow for scientific experiments, an affordable low-cost sensor solution in combination with a smartphone and a web service have been developed.

For more information please have a look at: cebit.de

Contact: Prof. Dr. Gerd Stumme at Stumme@L3S.de and Prof. Dr. Andreas Hotho at Hotho@L3S.de

At CeBIT 2014, EveryAware will present the newest insights from the area of event-based sensing at the research booth of the Federal State of Lower Saxony. If you like to visit the L3S-team at our booth in hall 9 C 28 at CeBIT, please contact our project assistance at sekretariat@L3S.de; we are glad to assist you!

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  1. Kudos EveryAware for that environmental concerns in your work! I think having a conscience that holds the ability to take decisions favoring such concern is probably the need of hour. I am quite sure that the result will also be overwhelming. All the best :)

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