28 days left to support the Easter (Air Quality) Egg

Air quality monitoring is often performed by a small number of fixed station in some selected spots in cities. But a new wave of participatory monitoring initiatives is going to challenge this paradigm. everyAware is one of those. But it is far from being the only one.

A new initiative for a similar goal is now seeking funds on the Kickstarter.com website. It is called the Air Quality Egg and it is an environmental sensor box coupled to a station (the egg) receiving the sensor data and feeding them to the Pachube.com website. The project, derived from the Citizensensor project, is entirely open source (in both hardware and software) but it needs to be implemented by large number of participants to get meaningful results. That’s why it has to be built at low industrial costs and that’s why they are asking money to people. If you want to support this 13-weeks long development phase, go to the project webpage on Kickstarter. There is plenty of info there, and a video too.

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