Citizen Science Quarterly needs your help

Citizen Science Quarterly is a print magazine directed by Jacob Schiach dedicated to science projects made by non-academic scientists. It is based in Houston, Texas, and has already published two issues. In these days, its future depends on us, the web users: the magazine has opened a kickstarter page to raise funds from web users and be able to print out the 3rd and 4th issues. These will be print out only if at least 5500 $ will be made available through kickstarter before March 1st.

But CSQ is not only seeking your money: your papers are welcome, too. But it is important to know that each CSQ issue focusses on a theme. The 3rd issue will deal with “Education”. The call for papers is open until March, 20th. To have a look to the topics of CSQ articles, check here.

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