Experimental Tribe: (not so) serious games for scientific purposes

The Everyaware team will participate to the “Second Workshop on Computational Social Science and the Wisdom of Crowds” (within NIPS2011) with a presentation of Experimental Tribe:

“Experimental Tribe (ET) is a platform for web-based experiments and social computation. It is
currently available in beta version at www.xtribe.eu. ET is aimed at both gathering otherwise
separate efforts to use web resources for scientific purposes and at providing the community with a
tool to design experiments on the web, bypassing much of the “hard work”. The benefit is twofold:
on the one hand, it allows virtually any researcher to realize his own experiment with minimal effort,
paving the way of the use of the web as a standard “laboratory” to perform experiments. On the
other hand, it can be a strong “basin of attraction” for people willing to participate to experiments,
making in this way recruitment much more easier than for single-experiment platforms.”

(from Cicali et al., “Experimental tribe: a general platform for web-gaming and social computation”).

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