15Oct, Ushahidi for global change

Tomorrow it’s October, 15th: a D-Day for global changers around the world, as hundreds of demonstrations will take the roads following the Indignad@s and the #OccupyWallSt examples – and the Middle East spring, for those who seek for quite successful examples. Thanks to Ushahidi, this revolution will be crowdmapped.


A lot has been said about the use of social media by those anti-systemic movements. Some, as Evgeny Morozov, have criticized the idea that these are twitter-driven revolutions, and probably have a lot of reasons. But Twitter and Facebook opened a communication channel from the road to the traditional media – a crucial work, indeed. Media and global citizens have now an additional tool to get a global picture of what will take place tomorrow: Ushahidi has deployed its platform to collect news from anywhere in the world where things will happen. The Twitter hashtag to display events on map.15october.net is #event15oct.

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