The state of everyone’s map

The 5th annual OpenStreetMap Conference (State of the Map 2011) is opening within hours in Denver, Colorado. OpenStreetMap is “a free editable map of the whole world. It is made by people like you.” It allows people to fully exploit the potential of geographical data: instead of releasing geographical data with strict copyright rules (as many commercial, though apparently free, services do), OpenStreetMap data are available according to the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license. That is why a growing number of projects involving the contribution of geotagged information from the users relies on OpenStreetMap nowadays. To know more about the 2011 conference without physically being in Denver follow the hashtag #sotm11 and #sotm on Twitter.

Muki Haklay from everyAware will be giving a talk on Sunday, September 11th at 11:40 am on “Extreme Citizen Science – what role will OSM play?”

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