Crowston and the Citizen Science

Kevin Crowston is one of the most relevant scientist in the field of organization theory applied to computer science cooperative systems. His most well-known papers, according to Google Scholar, received hundreds of citations, with his most cited paper – “The interdisciplinary study of coordination” – peaking at 2164 citations. In the last two years he and his team have turned their attention toward the organization of citizen science projects, and are producing an impressive series of researches. Most of them are still unpublished on reviews and proceedings, but Kevin Crowston has already made them available online through his homepage. Just to have a glimpse of his work, these are some of the titles of his forthcoming series of scientific publications which, in my opinion, are worth a read:

Mechanisms for Data Quality and Validation in Citizen Science

Describing public participation in scientific research

– Goals and tasks: Two typologies of citizen science projects

–  Gaming for (citizen) science: Exploring motivation and data quality in the context of crowdsourced science through the design and evaluation of a social-computational system.

–  Mechanisms for Data Quality and Validation in Citizen Science

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