From intelligent to smart

From the URENIO webpage:

Intelligent Buildings International (a journal of Taylor & Francis) just published the Special Issue From Intelligent to Smart Cities edited by Mark Deakin and Husam Al Waer. The issue includes an Editorial and five papers offering a coherent and critical view about current developments in the field of intelligent and smart cities.

Mark Deakin & Husam Al Waer

Drawing upon the smart experiences of ‘world class’ cities in N. America, Canada and Europe, this special issue draws together five papers from leading international experts on the transition from intelligent to smart cities. Together they do what Hollands (‘Will the real smart city stand up?’ City12(3), 302–320) has recently asked of smart cities and provide the definitional components, critical insights and institutional means by which to get beyond the all-too-often self-congratulatory tone cities across the world strike when claiming to be smart. [more on the URENIO webpage]

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