Collective awareness and action: first dialogue

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The idea that ICT can help individuals in acquiring awareness and collectively adopt sustainable living strategies is now well rooted in the EU research agenda. EU-financed everyAware, of course, is a living proof of such. But events in this field are increasing in number and frequency, and are gaining more and more institutional credit. For example, on September 9, 2011 the European Commission is organizing in Brussels a workshop on “platform for collective awareness and action”, open to industries, researchers, civil society and social media.

According to the organizers, the workshop will address the following questions:

How can ICT foster the emerging, interwoven networks of individuals, enterprises, non-profit organizations, local and global institutions that are using creativity and entrepreneurship, to take some concrete steps towards sustainability (e.g. in terms of lifestyle changes)?

How to identify and involve the most relevant stakeholders who can act as credible “agents of change” and allow reaching the required massive scale of citizen participation ?

Which open coordination mechanisms can ensure an effective synergy between genuine bottom-up initiatives, without hindering flexibility and independency ?

How to cope with the associated ethical aspects around privacy, identity and security ?

The workshop is part of a larger conference on “Internet and Societies”, beginning in Brussels on the September 7 by the european project PARADISO.

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  1. As one of maybe credible “agents of change” we would like to promote a lifestyle change and of course an important step to achieve sustainability: From now on we will boykott all EU7-activities until the EU-employees pay taxes.
    Paying taxes is a crucial factor for sustainable societies in Europe. We therefore cannot accept that in Brussels in average only 8,75% taxes on the income are paid.
    Most of us have to pay 40 per cent to pay these losses.
    We want to encourge the stakeholders of the ICT-activities to join the Europe of tax-payers that is financing the 7th EU programme.
    Please consider: Without taxes these programmes and conferences can not be financed. The EU therefore can no longer be a tax haven.
    We therefore will use the internet to achieve tax-justice in Europa. In the first step we will give the European Commission the opportunity, to pay taxes at a voluntary base.
    We are convinced, that there will be Collective Awarness for this subject.

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