Foundation of Creativity

Atelier ran by Pietro Gravino, Bernardo Monechi and Vito D. P. Servedio

How can we define and measure the creative products of human and social activities, including language or socio-cultural activities on the web and social media? Can we observe and measure how novelties are adopted at a community scale, becoming real cultural innovations? This atelier addresses these questions by introducing some of the most advanced investigation tools: web-experiments, data science, in silico simulations and theoretical modeling. With these instruments participants will be guided in a real research path: from the definition of quantitative metrics, to data analysis and simulations, to the conception of new gaming environments to measure creativity and monitor innovation processes. The final aim is to unravel the main ingredients of creativity and to identify the dynamics underlying the evolution and the innovations in socio-technical-cultural systems.


Date Frontal Lesson Laboratory
5 Sept. Introduction and
Challenges presentation(15:30-17:00)
6 Sept. Data mining and analysis (11:00-13:00) Python and MongoDB tutorial and free lab (14:30-17:00)
7 Sept. Modeling and simulation (11:00-13:00) Analysis and Visualization tutorial and free lab (14:30-17:00)
8 Sept. Web-experiments and games (11:00-13:00) XTribe tutorial and free lab (14:30-17:00)
9 Sept. Finalisation and public demonstration

Background Materials and prerequisites


Software and Programming Languages


Practical Details

This atelier is part of the Summer School on Creativity and Evolution, running from Monday 5 to Friday 9 September at Lake Como (Italy). There are two kind of lessons: frontal theoretical lessons and laboratory lessons. In the former, the scientific pursuit for the unveiling of creativity and innovation dynamics will be tackled from several angles, introducing the most remarkable approaches. In the latter, after a short introduction to useful technical software and tools, participants will develop their own projects and ideas to face one of the challenges presented on the first day. During the laboratory they will be assisted in the development and the best projects will be presents in the live demonstration on Friday afternoon.

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